CM Punk- Watercooler Conversation

Sting is rumored to be signing a contract. MVP is now in TNA. And Batista punched his ticket to WrestleMania, on a night where Pittsburg hijacked the show. Last week was a very big week in pro wrestling, as one would expect. So what was everybody talking about? CM Punk walking out. One week later and what is everyone still talking about? CM Punk walking out. Rumors have been going around that Punk would not be returning after his contract expired in July. But nobody really thought he would just leave the company half a year early.
First off, let’s point out a few facts. It’s currently Thursday as I write this. In just ten days, several rumors have been reported, and turned down. We only know a few things for sure. At about 7:30 p.m. last Monday night, CM Punk had a meeting with Vince McMahon, and told him he was going home. And he did. Since then, WWE has removed Punk from many advertisements for upcoming events. And everyone is saying that Punk has quit. Everyone, except for the people actually involved in the situation, that is.
The Internet is throwing in after the fact that Punk has quit. Although he has been removed from advertised appearances, his profile still remains on the roster section. As it stands now, nobody from WWE has talked about the situation publically. Punk has not released a statement saying he quit. Not Vince McMahon, Triple H, or anybody else from the corporate side of WWE has released a statement saying Punk has left the company. As it stands now, CM Punk is still a contracted performer for the WWE, not a free agent.
One rumor claimed he felt angry that Dave Batista won the Royal Rumble, and the WrestleMania main event instead of Daniel Bryan. False. Punk himself has said several times recently he views Batista’s return as a good thing. One rumor claimed Punk, AJ Lee, and Paul Heyman had a huge argument with backstage officials about Punk possibly having a concussion. Also false. Punk has also said that as he’s getting older, his body is getting more banged up, and this has been a repeated problem for Punk over the last year, although he hasn’t really had a major injury. The only confirmed reason we have about Punk going home is that he had months of frustrations built up leading into Raw last week, although Mr. McMahon believes it was only because Punk was banged up.
Punk’s beat up, burnt out, and creatively frustrated. He’s been known to be outspoken behind the scenes. But he’s recently admitted to becoming more withdrawn to avoid the stress. Word is that he was none too happy with creative’s plan to have Punk vs. Triple H at WrestleMania. He’s the “Best in the World” and in his mind, and many fans minds, he deserves better. He also seems frustrated by the WWE failing to address the talent about Pay Per View bonuses with the upcoming WWE Network, a situation that Punk recently admitted he knew nothing about in a recent interview with Ariel Helwani. It’s easy to see this from Punk’s point of view. He feels that he isn’t getting the treatment he deserves. He’s financially secure, so he feels he doesn’t need to be there anymore.
But does that give Punk the right to walk out? Sure, he’s getting frustrated and angry at his work. We all do. It means we’re passionate. But with 6 months on his contract left, he’s walking out early on commitments he’s supposed to fulfill. Is it fair for all parties involved if he just walks away now, never to be heard or seen again? Go listen to Stone Cold’s podcast The Steve Austin Show. He frequently states his biggest regret is walking out on Raw in 2002, instead of facing Vince McMahon like a man and talking it out. If Punk leaves now, would he regret it down the line?
According to the latest reports online, Vince wants Punk back. Triple H is indifferent. Mr. Levesque feels disrespected, rightfully so. Punk walked out on his contract. He’s going back on his agreement to commit by walking out. But, Triple H is apparently leaving the situation to Vince so he can handle it. So what does this mean for CM Punk’s future?
Will CM Punk be back on TV any time soon? Will we see him before, at, or after WrestleMania? Will we ever see CM Punk again? In a recent appearance at Wizard World Comic Con, Punk stated, “When I’m done I’m done.” This could likely mean that once his contract expired he was gone for good. This could likely mean that he’s gone for good now.
His advertisements have been removed. John Cena has replaced his images on the WWE app. Randy Orton is replacing his image in promotional material. And Daniel Bryan has replaced him in his planned WrestleMania match. Is CM Punk being replaced? Many in WWE are under the impression he’s not coming back, at least before WrestleMania. So, what are we, the fans, supposed to believe?
At this point, everything is subjective. People believe who and what they want to believe. Some say it’s a work, although most are saying it’s not. There’s only one person that truly knows what’s going on, and that’s CM Punk. The facts are now that he hasn’t been there all week, and he doesn’t seem to be coming back any time soon, although nobody has said if he’s actually gone for good yet. With WrestleMania XXX right around the corner, the WWE is going to need all the star power they can get for the event, which will truly be the biggest show of all time. And with the fan mutiny that’s going on now, which includes a lot of CM Punk chants, one has to believe Mr. McMahon is dying to have a top name like Punk around.
Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Will we ever see CM Punk again? Will he go into MMA? Is he going to fight the Green Ranger? Right now, there seems to be a lot of questions, only a few answers. Mick Foley, Jim Ross, Jim Cornette, Steve Austin, and many more have all commented on the situation. Ask yourself, what do you believe? But what is for sure is that a lot of people are very passionate about this topic, and once again CM Punk has done what he’s better than anyone in the business at doing. Making everyone talk about him.

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